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Mr. Alexander Zidziunas


Sigi is a fellow of the institution of chemical engineers (London), a chartered chemical engineer and a chartered scientist. He is a successful business professional with an outstanding track record in the chemical and water purification industries, having founded Austrachem Pty Ltd (renamed Sunace Pty Ltd) who is a leader in the manufacturing of PVC lead stabilizers and lubricants.

Sigi’s role as chairman of Essa Pty Ltd and Tamar Group Pty Ltd sees him actively involved in the water treatment and Indoor and Outdoor Air Filtration industries as well as supplying consulting services for the control of Legionella & decontamination chemical cleaning.

Sigi has over 20 years of experience in working throughout the Asia region and formed a joint venture with “PT Tamarindo Utama” which specialises in negotiations with Chinese and German companies for the introduction of Vapor recovery units for petrol loading stations throughout China and Indonesia, The Indonesian J/V company also specialises in, Oil Field Chemicals, hydrocarbon refrigerant gasses, oil spill chemicals and equipment, industrial waste water, medical waste and sewerage treatment plants.