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(Executive Chairman, GGII, Bioplant Limited, Bioplant NZ Group) Blg/Bdlg

Allan has operated at senior management and board level in a number of major companies, including as Executive Director of Property Group Australia, CBD Property Group, Gill Property Estate Agents and as Chairman of Global Green International Investments & GGI Energy Singapore.

Allan has an outstanding track record spanning over 35 years of successful innovation and leadership in the environmental arena from renewable energy, waste to energy and water purification projects in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea & Thailand.

Allan’s background in project management also spans 35 years and he has won multiple awards in the construction and development fields. Allan is the consummate executive with a seasoned business background and has an impressive track record of accomplishments. Allan has managed numerous major projects worldwide including property related developments, acquisitions, asset management, finance & construction.

Allan has a proven record in seeing the big picture, simplifying the vision and delivering the short, medium and long-term goals. This coupled with a proven success in hiring, incentivising and developing good people and building profitable businesses from the ground up.

Allan’s work in developing countries with foundations is well recognised in the Anti-human trafficking and Child exploitation areas in the Asia Pacific Rim.